Off to the circus!

Today at 3pm the stage is set for fun and intrigue.. Come to Ensemble Offspring’s 2015 Sizzle. I’ll be there with my Construct : Explode project (bit of rock, bit of pop, bit of jazz and boom!) alongside me is Bree van Reyk (drum set), Jason Noble (clarinet ), Cameron Haas (bass) and Alyx Dennison (vocals & synths)..

Also happening is the EO gang performing some New Music from composer Kate Moore (a brilliant creator ex-ANU of mine and Bree’s vintage, whom I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing since she moved to The Netherlands) and we’ll all be doing crazy stuff for John Cage’s Musicircus.

Wait, did I mention David Reaston’s 10 guitar Project will be there too? 10 electric guitars and drums..

Free and family friendly, at the Red Rattler Today, MarrIckville. 6 Faversham st Marrickville 3pm

Part of the Spectrum Now Festival.

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