The Bright Sparks

Jess Green’s Bright Sparks 

“Transformation, play, smart decisions, seeking and finding – wonderful stuff from a bright spark.”John Hardaker, Jazz Australia, February 2013

The Bright Sparks
The Bright Sparks

This 8 piece ensemble (originally The Green Septet) performs music written by guitarist Jess Green, that incorporates her love of large horn-based Jazz ensembles, Indie Rock and art music, and is inspired by African sensibilities and 20th century minimalism. Jess writes music that continually challenges form, the compositions can begin with country-Afro grooves, traverse singer-songwriter territory, and end in raucous rock mashups. The band is comprised of some of Australia’s finest soloists, and their individual voices are given opportunity to shine through, leading the ensemble in turn as the stories unfold, but all the while maintaining a unity with the ensemble.

The debut album for this group was released in 2005 “The Singing Fish and other short stories” (Jazzgroove Records) to critical acclaim:

“Brilliantly crafted compositions”….”An auspicious beginning

Sydney Morning Herald June 3rd 2004

“Green emerges as an unmistakably gifted writer and arranger” “a Highly pleasing guitarist” Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 2005 “Happy and imaginative grooves”

Limelight magazine Dec 2005

The Second release from Jess and her ensemble “Tinkly Tinkly”, originally recorded for ABC Jazztrack, is to be released through Yum Yum Tree Records February 16th, at the Sound Lounge, Chippendale, Sydney yumyum logo

 The band has performed regularly for SIMA and Jazzgroove as well as the Melbourne Co-Op, as well as toured through regional NSW.


to hear / Buy the latest album; “Tinkly Tinkly” go to:

Tinkly Tinkly cover art by Australian Artist Alan Young:


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